Zend Decoder (deZender)

Zend Decode software can decrypt the source code into plain text. Files can be decoded in a moment. Decode whole script function is also available. It works with almost version of Zend or Zend Guard, file decoded successful reach 99%. Buy Now

IonCube Decoder (deIonCube)

IonCube Decoder (deIonCube) works on Linux as command line. You can decode a file or whole script, just in a moment. Check demo video of IonCube Decoder (deIonCube) to see how it works. Buy Now

Automatic Script Decoder

If you have files which are encrypted by PHPCipher, Codelock, Truebug, Sourcecop, Byterun, ElearningForce, PHPLockit, Zorex Cryptz, PHPion. Our decoder can decode them all in a second. See how it works on below video. Buy Now